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Special aspects of child’s skin protection from sun rays

Child’s skin is tender and sensitive. The skin of children under three years is especially vulnerable to UVA/UVB sun rays. That’s why dermatologists recommend to avoid the sun at this age.

It’s connection with the fact that the melanin (this type of pigment swallows UV rays and protects the cells from harmful effect of free radicals) starts to form beginning from the age of three. Thus, before this age the child’s skin doesn’t have any protection that resists the ultraviolet. Protect the kids under three years from sun rays.

The day walks are safer for older children. It’s an integral part of harmonious growth of every child. Therefore, parents face the question of proper use of the sunscreen. Choose a safe suntan cream with high SPF index for better blocking of negative sun rays, for example: 30, 50 or 60+. The higher the SPF index, the more solar radiation it blocks. Pay attention to water resistance, hypoallergenicity of a cosmetic product, additional moisturizing and

For instance, TM Sun Energy sunscreen formulas are elaborated by company pharmacists considering tender and sensitive child’s skin. The SPF index and water resistance are approved by European laboratories. It guarantees the accuracy of labeling on baby products.

There are antioxidants (vitamin E) among the sunscreen components that activate natural skin shield from the sun. The cosmetic products delicately care about child’s skin: side the redness and recover the natural balance of moisture.

Baby products’ filters are safe for sensitive skin and do not cause the allergy. And the sign «Ocean protection» that appears in the shape of the whale on the product label means that the formulas’ compounds don’t have toxic filters for global water ecosystem.

One more advantage is the «Antisand» formula: your child will be protected from the sun as well as will feel comfortable on a playground or a beach due to the body product. Well-designed cream recipe prevents sand from sticking to the body.

With our cosmetic products you can be sure in the protection of your child while summer walks and vacation.

But do not forget about following the next recommendations:

Sun Energy products will arrange safe sun rays for your child’s skin.

Stay healthy.